Monday, February 29, 2016

Florida. February 29, 2016.

This was our last full day here, so Kathie and I went for a bike ride (what else?). It was already in the 60s when we left, so I did not even wear a jacket--Kathie took hers off after about 2 miles.

We rode to the Pinellas Trail, and headed north to Tarpon Springs. When we were almost there Kathie had a flat tire. She was quite upset, having just put new Gatorskins on her bike before this trip. We changed it and were back on the trail in no time.

We stopped by Spring Bayou and saw a manatee. We didn't stick around to see if there were more today--in this warm weather it's nice to see even one!  We headed out to Howard Park, and I only took one wrong turn getting there. The weather was perfect--about 70 degrees and a light wind.

Fred Howard Park was nearly deserted on this lovely day; we took each others' photos overlooking the beach.

On our way home we decided to go south an extra mile on the trail, stopping at Day's to get a photo of the weather--Kathie was thrilled that it finally warmed up! We needed the extra mileage to make it an even 30 miles for today.

We got home and started disassembling our bikes. Mine was packed up first (I've done this a lot of times) so I went in and made lunch. After lunch Dianne took me to FedEx to ship my bike home. We stopped at the hardware store to return the percolator we bought last week--we burned it up already!

When we returned home with yet another new percolator Kathie had found the lost filter basket from the original one. What a strange thing... I called the parts center and tried to cancel my order for a new filter basket but it had already been mailed. We seem to have a lot of coffee pot problems here.

Dianne and I picked up the Scrabble board and drove to the pool and played outside in the shade. After 4 games we returned home and Dianne took Kathie to FedEx to send her bike home.  It's a lot of running around, but she did not think both bike boxes would fit in the car. And we knew we could not put 3 people in the car with a bike box.

We went to Mystic Fish and had a wonderful dinner on this, our last night here. Kathie witnessed Dianne paying the Scrabble debt--we played 92 games so far this trip!

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