Friday, April 29, 2016

Salt Lake City. Monday April 25, 2016.

It was raining this morning as we set out for the very short walk to the Family History Library. Rana and I divided our relatives for this trip--she is researching the German and Polish people and I have the French Canadians. 

Above is the view from the window at the end of the hall (photo taken yesterday when it was not raining). Temple Square is surrounded by a 15 foot high wall with gates and locks. The gates have been open each time we've gone there--I assume they are locked at night.

Flowers are in bloom all over the Square, and there are many sculptures interspersed throughout. Many of the sculptures represent families and family activities. There are also a fair number of religious sculptures. There are very well dressed people of all ages everywhere! The men wear white shirts and ties, many of them in suits, while the women all wear skirts or dresses, below the knee. Everyone is friendly and helpful.

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