Friday, April 29, 2016

Salt Lake City. Tuesday April 26, 2016.

It was dreary again this morning, lightly raining. We had breakfast at the hotel restaurant with others from our group. The library is so large that we don't see each other all day, so we made plans to meet by the main door at 11:30 each day to go to lunch together.

We walked through the Square to the Church Office Building (COB) Cafeteria where the food is good and not too expensive. I brought some of my favorite oatmeal with me, but neglected to bring a bowl, so I've been eating breakfast in the restaurant each morning.

I told Rana before we came that the biggest expense would be meals!  We went to dinner at Lamb's restaurant with Lucy and Jim from our group. Lucy told us about a really great grocery store nearby, so we went there after dinner.

Harmon's is indeed a really great market! There are many aisles of fresh produce, an in-store bakery, a dessert bar, and just about anything one could want or need. I bought some bowls for microwaving my oatmeal, a carton of dried cranberries and a couple of bananas. Life is good.

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