Sunday, May 1, 2016

Salt Lake City. April 30, 2016.

We were supposed to meet Les (from the Utah bike ride Dianne and I did a couple of years ago) at 9 this morning, but he called and said he'd be a little late.  He came by the hotel about 9:45 and we followed him to the place he had to drop his van off for service. Good thing--I would never have found it on my own!

We drove north toward the Great Salt Lake and across the causeway to Antelope Island State Park. No antelopes were in sight, but there were plenty of buffalo to see.

There was a big one across the road from the welcome sign, and we all walked over to take photos. As I walked back toward the car Rana and Les hollered at me to turn around. I saw the big bull coming toward me and got in the car and shut the door and window.

He came right up to the car, checked out the painted buffalo by the sign and then meandered away.

Further down the road we saw some more buffalo but these ones were not interested in us.

There was a bride and groom getting photographed in the field; they will have an interesting wedding album!

The water in the Great Salt Lake was very low--we could see salt flats below us from the road and Les showed us where the normal shoreline would be. Although it rained a lot this week Utah is suffering the same drought as California.

We drove around the park, stopped at the visitor's center and hiked down a rocky embankment to the lake.

Of course I had to get my feet wet!

We left Antelope Island, stopping for a nice view of the mountains reflected in the lake.

After having lunch in Salt Lake City we drove into the mountains. The ski resorts were closed, but we could see the lifts and runs, some with a bit of snow still there. Olympic Village buildings were open but the ski runs were closed. Below is the track where skiers do jumps during the summer landing in the pool.

The luge track is closed now, but will reopen May 15 for summer fun. I'd like to try that!

Les and I did virtual sports powder skiing, bobsledding and speed flying (skiing with a parachute). It was great fun, including the wind and snow!

Rana and I showed our real feelings about snow sports!

We drove down to Park City but did not spend any time there. We went past some more ski resorts and lodges. Les told us that homes here are the most expensive in the country.

We stopped to see another Olympics venue, where they did the Nordic skiing, then over to Sundance Resort.

The road to Alpine Loop was still closed due to recent snowfall, so we turned around and headed back down the mountain, stopping at Bridal Veil Falls where the road was also closed.


Rana and I said farewell to Les in Orem, thanking him and dropping him off at a friend's house. By the time we got back to Salt Lake City it was almost 9 PM and we had not had dinner. We split a sandwich at the hotel's restaurant, took a soak in the hot tub, and are done for the day.



This place always captivate me.

Drew Watts said...

Wow!! Lovely place. Great to see you enjoyed the trip. I also want to plan a trip after my cousin’s wedding at one of wedding venues Los Angeles as quite busy these days in arrangements. Will look for a good place to visit.