Saturday, April 30, 2016

Salt Lake City. April 29, 2016.

I've been eating my favorite oatmeal for breakfast in the room and then going down to the restaurant for coffee and socializing with the rest of our group. This morning Sarah gave us an update on Sherry--she's still in the hospital. And she showed us her souvenir of the ambulance ride. Can you guess what it is?

I had been planning to rent a car for the weekend, but decided to get it today instead, with all the trips back and forth to the hospital. We sure could have used one this week! So Rana and I walked to the nearest car rental place (Hertz). All they had were SUVs for $119 per day. So I called Avis, which was about a block away. I got a Mazda 3 (and they call this midsize????) for a grand total of $90.85 for the 3 days I'm keeping the car! It pays to shop around.

We parked the car at the hotel and went to the library. I did not look up from my work until Judy showed up to tell me it was time to go to lunch. We went to the COB cafeteria again. It's really convenient and not terribly expensive. On the way back to the library I stopped in the visitor's center.

The model of the Temple shows the interior, for those of us who will never be allowed inside.

Much of the visitor's center is devoted to the building of the Temple. Imagine hauling all that granite down from the mountains with wooden carts pulled by oxen! There are interactive displays which I walked past, and friendly young persons offering their help, at whom I smiled and said hello and kept on going.

I went back to the library until I got a text from Rana telling me that Sarah was ready to go to the hospital but was hesitant to ask me to drive her there. I assured her that it was no trouble! Rana, Rhonda, Sarah and I drove to LDS Hospital and visited for about an hour. Sherry is in good spirits, but still sick. We left, drove back to the hotel for Sherry's phone, then back to the hospital to give it to her. Then we stopped for a photo opportunity overlooking the state capitol.

We drove down several streets looking for a place to eat, never agreeing on where to go and never seeing an open parking space. Finally we parked back at the hotel and walked to a nearby diner. It was 8 PM by then. Dinner was really good--we placed our orders at the counter and they brought the food to our table. It was quick without being fast food. I will go there again.

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