Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June 18, 2016. PALM Day 0

It's always an adventure! This year's PALM begins Sunday June 19 in Pentwater, MI. That's a long way from here! But we only have 6 so we were able to fit in the truck. Dianne arrived from FL on Thursday, the whole group came for dinner on Friday, and we loaded up Saturday morning for the long drive.
We arrived at Pentwater mid afternoon, set up our tents, and walked into town for dinner. Pentwater is a lovely little town on Lake Michigan, founded in 1856, now primarily a summer community. Pentwater has the second largest fruit tree acreage in Michigan and is also known as the asparagus capital of the world. We had a fine dinner at Antler Bar--the local wine was so good that Tom took a photo of the label for me. I found out the hard way that my camera battery was dead! I'd just used it Thursday, and suddenly it would not take a charge. I tried cleaning the contacts to no avail.

After dinner we had ice cream and then walked back to the campsite. Bill thought he found a camera battery at a local WalMart so he and Martha drove there. Alas, they did not have the battery.

When they returned we sat around in our folding chairs discussing the plans for the week. Bill and Tom are going to each ride half days while the other moves the truck forward. This has worked very well the past 2 years. Here is our rig:

If the photos look a little less clear than normal, blame it on the dead battery and the fact that I am using the camera in my phone--at least I have a plan B!

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