Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Salt Lake City. May 4, 2016.

This was our last day at the Family History Library. Sherry was released from the hospital yesterday and was at the breakfast table when I got there. Here we all are: Rana, Sarah, Sherry, Rhonda and me. If you look closely you can see Sherry's walker at the end of the table--she is still very unsteady on her feet.

I printed our boarding passes for tomorrow and went to the library. It's been harder to spend the day indoors with the gorgeous weather we've had this week. Much easier last week when it rained every day!  We met at 11:30 and walked to lunch. Sherry just stayed in her room today, resting  and recovering. We all hope she'll be OK on the flight home tomorrow.

We took photos in front of the fountain by the COB. I guess we should have tapped a stranger to take our photos all together; above is Rhonda, me and Sarah. Then Rana, Rhonda and Sarah. After lunch we went back to the library until dinner. Rana and I returned there after dinner. Sarah and Sherry have asked us if we'll do this trip with them again. We said we would, but maybe not every year. It has certainly been fruitful, but I am exhausted! 

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