Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June 22, 2016. PALM. Evart to Gladwin, MI. 54 Miles.

This morning we had Chris Cakes for breakfast--the pancake flippers toss pancakes into your plate. If you catch them you get to eat breakfast! I caught 3. It was not such a good breakfast day for Toby, who is gluten intolerant. He had cheerios, a banana and a plate of sausages.

Dianne left on her bike while Toby was still taking his tent down. Martha had a flat tire--the first any of us had on this trip. She had the wrong tube so I gave her one of mine and sent Toby to the bike mechanic truck to buy us each another tube.

Finally we were ready to leave! Just me, Martha and Toby today, since Tom and Bill are taking a rest day and Dianne already left.

The morning's ride was very hilly, starting out on country roads. Unfortunately we were on highway 61 for 18 miles into Harrison, where we had decided we would eat lunch. We were ok on the highway since there was an ample shoulder and not too much traffic. We met Bill and Tom for lunch at Gaetano's. That is, the 4 riders had lunch--Bill and Tom had driven back to Reed City and had a second breakfast at Seven Slot Grille, so they had hot fudge sundaes instead of lunch! The real reason Tom wanted to go there was to get this cool coffee mug.

After lunch we had much more downhill terrain--we have passed the center of the state and are now on the downhill trend to Lake Huron.

When we stopped at the Licorice Lady's stop she was there with her famous smile and her little granddaughter. The woman on the right is the baby's other grandmother. Both are PALM families whose children married each other. How cool is that!?

After the licorice stop we got back on highway 61 for 8 more miles. This time it was different--there was little shoulder and a lot of traffic. The drivers were not considerate of the bikers, honking their horns at us and not moving over to give us room on the road even when there was no opposing traffic. We finally arrived at Gladwin, glad to be there and off the highway. They were very welcoming here, but our little group did not go into town.


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