Thursday, June 23, 2016

June 23, 2016. PALM. Gladwin to Hale, MI. 62 miles.

It started raining lightly as we were taking down our tents. We got them all disassembled and loaded without getting too wet. We put on rain gear and set out for the longest day of this year's PALM.

It never actually rained, although it was misty and cloudy most of the morning. The wind was from the northeast as we rode north and east. The first stop was a roadside stand with Amish Baked Goods.

The baked goods were delicious, and it was a welcome break from riding into the wind. After purchasing chocolate peanut butter cookies I took a few photos of the farm and we got back on the bikes. Martha was frustrated with riding at a pace less than she is used to (actually I was too) so she rode on ahead with Tom, leaving me, Dianne and Toby behind.

We found a portajohn at a local boat launch and sure took advantage of the opportunity.

Bill was waiting at Skidmore Lake, and we went to a pizza/deli for lunch. After lunch Tom got in the truck with Bill, and Martha, Toby, Dianne and I carried on into the wind. We started a pace line and that made the next 12 miles much more tolerable.

We saw a Mennonite Church and School building across the road from our water stop.

The wind let up some after that. I stopped for a quick photo of Sage Lake, we stopped at the Licorice Lady's place, and soon we were at Hale High School, our home for the night.

Our tent was already set up when we arrived, as was Tom's. Toby and Martha each had theirs set up in 5 minutes while Dianne struggled with hers for another half hour. Her tent is so complicated that no one can even help her assemble it--it's almost like reinventing the wheel every day!

There were teenagers in 4-wheelers helping to move luggage.

Our friend Gary (from Downriver Cycling Club) stopped to talk to us and to check out our trailer. Toby took a ride on Bill's Terra-Trike, something he has wanted to do this whole week. I made him put it away after he almost ran into Tom. He reminded me of a little kid riding a big wheel, zooming all over the parking lot at an alarming rate of speed!

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historicstitcher said...

Toby looks far too comfortable on that TerraTrike!