Saturday, June 25, 2016

June 24, 2016. PALM Hale to Oscoda, MI. 33 Miles.

We were a little late getting up this morning. Usually we are in line for breakfast by 6:30 but Bill and I did not even roll out of the sleeping bags until after 7. Maybe it's because it was only 42 degrees out there this morning!

PALM organizers like us to wear our ride shirts on the last day, so we accommodated them; however, Tom, Dianne and I had jerseys under ours (Tom and I promptly removed the ride shirts before pedaling out of the parking lot). We put them back on for the ride into town at the end. I just can't ride without pockets!

This was a fast ride! We had a few small hills in the beginning of the ride, but soon we were rolling downhill toward Lake Huron.  We stopped at the Lumberman's Monument for a break and a look around.

Martha, Toby and I walked down (and back up) the 242 steps to the shore of the Au Sable River. There was a floating kitchen there, like the ones they used in the days of huge logging operations.

It was a quick ride into Oscoda after the Lumberman's Monument. Bill and Pat (Tom's wife) were in the parking lot. Once again we avoided the mad rush to find luggage since we carry our own in the trailer.

We arrived home after 5 PM, unloaded most of our stuff and I showered, went to the Police station, started laundry, vacuumed and mopped the family room and kitchen floors, and went out with Bill for a glass of wine and a salad. On to the next adventure!

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