Monday, July 4, 2016

June 28, 2016. Cuyahoga Valley.

Tuesday morning we planned to ride from Botzum Station south to Akron to scope it out for tomorrow's longer ride. We've never ridden that section of the trail before.

Alison is pulling Delia and Zane in the Wee Go. Adam started out on his gear bike and the plan is to have him and Delia take turns riding that bike and riding behind Alison.

Dianne sent her bike from Florida and Bill and I brought our mountain bikes for this trip.

After about 7 miles there was a detour on the trail. We followed the detour until it went to a very steep uphill grade on the street. I rode ahead to see if it was something the kids could handle and it was not. One steep hill led to another and then another. We turned around to go back, with Delia on Adam's gear bike. We talked to her about how to use the gears but no one realized she had never ridden with hand brakes before! I called to her to slow down on the hill back to the trail but she crashed into the bushes instead. She was a good sport about it--it could have been a lot worse!

Of course Bill got a flat tire--someone always does! He and Dianne changed it and then he topped off the air in the tire at the bike repair station at the metropark where we stopped for a snack break.

After the ride Alison and the kids swam and then we went out for ice cream and miniature golf.

We had dinner back at camp and then we all went off to our cabins and turned in for the night.

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