Monday, July 4, 2016

June 29, 2016. Cuyahoga Valley.

We loaded and drove back to Botzum Station. Today our plan is to ride north (a slight downhill grade) to the Canal Exploration Center and take the Bike Train back.

This section of the trail is much more interesting than the part we were on yesterday. There were many locks along the way, as this is part of the old Ohio & Erie Canal System.

Delia did well on the bike today, no crashes. Adam and Delia each rode 5 miles at a stretch before switching off to pedal behind Alison. It's a 20 mile ride so they'll each ride about 10 miles total.

We stopped for lunch in Peninsula, a welcome break. While there I bought a couple of commemorative cups--I forgot to bring coffee cups so we've been drinking our morning coffee out of plastic wine glasses.

We saw a lot of turtles today, including this very large one.

When we got to the Canal Exploration Center we studied the exhibits, Delia and Zane tried on clothing from the Canal Period (boys and girls wore the same clothes until they were school age, so yes, Zane is wearing a dress).

We had a lot of time to wait for the train, so I sat with Adam and Delia and some workbooks and they became Junior Rangers, with Ranger James swearing them in.

Finally it was time for the train! We loaded the bikes and then the conductor let us board the train.

Everyone was pretty excited about the ride.

Delia spent a moment talking to the conductor.

It was quite late when we got back to camp, but we all (except Dianne) went for a swim before dinner. What a great day!

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