Monday, September 12, 2016

Summer 2016

I can hardly believe summer is at an end already! We had to cancel our scheduled sailing trip on Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River due to Bill's knee injury and subsequent surgery.

We got the boat in the water and sailed several times with family and friends.

I biked with my friends all over the area, sometimes riding 60 miles, sometimes just a ride around the island.

We attended the Wickenheiser family reunion, after spending much time preparing for it. Here is part of my immediate family. More than half of my 80 first cousins on that side were there, but we did not get a composite photo this time.

We pulled the boat up on the beach at Celeron Island with a boatload of kids for a fun afternoon.

I had birthday lunch with my sisters. Here we are: Rana, me, Joan and Rosemary.

Yet more bike riding and July was done.

I took some of the grandkids to the Brownstown Splash park. Above on the left is Elise, my neighbor's granddaughter with my granddaughters Delia (center) and Sydney. Below are grandsons Zane and Adam.

The Downriver Cycling Club Ghost ride in Monroe County was well-attended. It is so-named because it encompasses parts of past organized rides that are no longer on the calendar.

I went kayaking with Diana and Dennis, biking friends. Unfortunately we got caught in a freaky high wind storm and Bill had to come and rescue us a mile from home.

Bill and I drove to Kingston Ontario to scope out the area for our planned sailing excursion in September. I thought it was fun that Tilly's Restaurant was right next door to Linda's boutique!

The Sea Scouts sailed down to our house to spend the weekend. Bill was plenty disappointed to miss the sailing time, but his knee was very bad by that time.

We rode to Monroe for breakfast (55 miles RT) and Mike's crank arm came off the bike. Fred and I put it back on but then he could not get onto the big chain ring. So we stopped again and applied pressure to the opposite side while Fred tried again to put the crank arm on tighter. It still did not work--Mike had to ride home on the small chain ring--that's a lot of spinning!

And now it's September.  Sigh.

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