Friday, October 28, 2016

October 28, 2016. Charleston, SC.

I took a photo of Diana in the second floor atrium after breakfast. We really like this place!

Tom, Dennis, Diana and Kathie went on a walking tour of Historic Charleston this morning. I wish I had gone with them!

Bill and I walked to the parking garage to check on the rig, and then walked for an hour looking for a particular trolley route. We basically took a walking tour of the seedy side of Charleston--there were bars on the windows and trash on the sidewalk... how do we always manage to find the worst sections of any town we're in? I did not take any photos there!

After our inadvertent tour of the dark side of town we took a trolley ride back to our own neighborhood. Bill went to the hotel to rest and I walked through the city market. There were a lot of sweetgrass basket weavers there weaving and dealing their wares.

The horses and carriages were out in fine form this morning.

I walked over to St, Philip's church (in the photo from last night) and walked through its cemetery. I could spend days here just kicking around the old cemeteries!

I walked down Philadelphia Alley again, since it was so dark last night when we were here.

Tom and Dennis showed up right as we were leaving to go to lunch. We all walked to the grocery store and got sandwiches from the deli, ate them at the Starbucks tables in the store and walked to the port for our scheduled cruise in Charleston Harbor.

We boarded the Schooner Pride and met our captain, Sarah.

Sarah sails this 84' ship every day and this cruise is listed as one of the top ten things to do in Charleston. She has 2 crewmen, seen below.

The captain called for volunteers to help raise the sails. Of course Bill was first on deck!

I took my turn too--it was fun, and made me wish we had been able to take our planned trip on our sailboat last month.

Neither Tom nor Dennis volunteered.

We could see Fort Sumter across the harbor. There were numerous dolphins on both sides of our boat.

We sailed by a 205' privately owned schooner in the harbor; the crew waved at us as we went by.

We arrived back at our hotel about 5 PM after the guys waited for me to walk through the Fort Sumter National Monument visitors center. It was all about the Civil War and the events leading up to it, of course.

We cooled off for a little while and then went to dinner in a restaurant called Church 5, located in an old church. We had wonderful dinners on this, our last night in Charleston.

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