Friday, December 23, 2016

The Christmas Village

It's that time of year again! We removed the furniture and set up shelves in November, added train tracks and houses, horses and people, trains and a circus!  I truly cannot answer coherently when people ask why we do this!

The water feature has a new sailboat this year--old Bessie the tugboat had been repaired so many times that we retired her.

Behind the church is a spooky graveyard and a horse-drawn hearse.

The windmill is back in the corner again; if you look closely there is a witch standing to the left of the windmill. She is the "witch with a pointy black hat" in the 12 days of village song.

The upper set of train tracks runs right past the maple sugar house and shed. One of the "2 howling wolves" is in this display. Two of the "six black bears" are also found here.

The moon and planetarium are in the fireplace along with the university buildings.

The City Hall in the corner above and the snowman water tower are new this year.

The Polar Express train stops at the train station on the upper level.

We have a new financial district with red brick streets. The Polar Express train goes past this display too.

Most of the "12 firefighters" are fighting the fire in the big white house top left corner. They're in the song too!

The circus tent only has 2 rings this year--the other 2 are on the floor with unbreakable animals for the kids to play with. The circus train runs past the circus on the upper tracks.

The farm grew a little this year, making it easier to see everything. 

I attempted to post a video of the trains, but it would not load to the blog. If you go to my facebook page you can see it there.

If you come to see my village you can find 12 firefighters, 11 jolly santas, 10 pink flamingos, 9 little snowmen, 8 dark brown horses, 7 light tan puppies, 6 black bears, 5 kids with rings, 4 racing cyclists, 3 nutcrackers, 2 howling wolves, and a witch with a pointy black hat!

Merry Christmas!

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