Tuesday, November 8, 2016

November cycling in Michigan

Last Wednesday Tom, Fred, Diana, Dennis and I rode Hines Park. We took our usual route, from Parkland to Northville, stopping for breakfast at Rebecca's.

We were afraid we would miss the autumn colors when we were in the Carolinas the last 2 weeks of October, but that was not so. It was a beautiful ride.

Friday morning I took a reflective photo from my front yard. I am guilty of taking hundreds of photos when I am on a trip, and never enough at home.

Saturday Fred drove me, Tom and Dennis to Maumee, Ohio, where we did a ride in his old neighborhoods. We did not cross the bridge seen below--it's in pretty bad shape. It's been a long time since street cars came across it!

We rode into Perrysburg for breakfast (eat to ride and ride to eat). After breakfast we went through Rossford and then into Toledo. The bridge we'd intended to cross was closed.

Of course Fred knew another way to get back to Maumee. But it involved carrying our bikes up the stairs, and getting lost before we finally found our way back.

Ah well, any day on the bike is a good day!

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