Sunday, January 29, 2017

January 28, 2017. Lake Tahoe, CA.

We were on the first Tram up the mountain this morning. Dianne was worried about getting back in time to get ready for the wedding, but there was nothing to worry about. We were packed in like sardines in the tram, but since we were almost the first in line we actually got seats!

Erica did not feel well this morning so Dianne's great nephew Finley came with us. I had bought all the tickets yesterday so we would not have to wait in line this morning. Here is Dianne holding Finley and Alex, with Julie and Malorie behind them. Julie did not enjoy the ride as much as the rest of us did!

At the top of the mountain (8,200 ft.) we went into a small museum dedicated to the 1960 Olympics, which were held right here. Alex, Finley and Dianne posed on the award podiums.

We could see skiers on slopes in almost every direction--it sure looks like fun!

There were a couple of instructors taking the 3 and 4 year old group on the slope. I asked one of the instructors if they had a grandma class too, and they do!

We could see Lake Tahoe in the distance, blue and pristine.

After we finished looking at the views and taking each other's photos we took the tram back down the mountain. Bill and I went to lunch, Dianne took the kids to get pizza, and I'm not sure what the others did. I inquired about rental equipment and adult ski lessons, because Bill and I are talking about coming back here next year so I can learn to ski.

The reason we are here is to celebrate Damon and Kirsten's wedding. Dianne was dressed to the nines but had on tennis shoes (because of walking through the snow to get here). Of course she changed her shoes! It was a very nice ceremony, officiated by one of their friends, who became ordained for this purpose.

Above is Damon, Dianne, me and Bill. Dianne and her sister Julie below.

And here are the happy couple! Damon is Dianne's son. He and Kirsten have been together for a couple of years and today was the day they pledged vows to each other to stay together always.

There was a wonderful dinner, and then music and dancing and dessert. We all had a great time and Bill and I were happy to be included!

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