Monday, January 30, 2017

January 29, 2017. Lake Tahoe, CA

All the wedding guests were invited to a 10:00 brunch this morning at our hotel. Of course I was up much earlier than that! I found Dianne in the hotel restaurant at 7:30, and we had some coffee and visited with her relatives.  When we started to feel guilty about taking up tables when we were not eating we wandered back to our rooms and played Scrabble until it was time to go to the brunch.

After brunch we settled at a table in the hallway. Dianne's cousins came to visit and to tell us all goodbye. Here we are with Roz, Joni and Lehua, who are sisters.

Damon and Kirsten wandered by, as happy as you would expect the newlyweds to be! They visited for a while too. They are going to spend the week at their rented home in North Lake Tahoe before returning home to San Francisco. They plan to go to Tahiti for a honeymoon next summer.

After the cousins and the newlyweds left Dianne and I played some more Scrabble in the hallway with the help of Finley and Avery, Dianne's great nephews. Eventually they left for home with their parents and the lunch crowd was coming in so we took our game to the room that Bill and I have had since Wednesday. Dianne gave up her room at 11:00 and moved her stuff to our room.

We took a break for lunch--Dianne went out with Julie, Malorie, Erica and Alex. Bill and I ate a light lunch here at the hotel.  When Dianne returned we played Scrabble until it was time for her to leave for the airport--11 games total for today.

Bill and I read our books for a while, then went out to the lobby to check in for tomorrow's flights. We had a drink and a light snack here at the hotel restaurant. We have really enjoyed our time here and plan to come back next year when I am not handicapped with a cast and can take skiing lessons.

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