Thursday, February 16, 2017

February 15, 2017. Palm Harbor, FL

We decided yesterday that today would be the day we get on our bikes. Normally that is not a big deal, but this is the first time Dianne got on her bike since her bike crash last September, and the first time for me since my hand surgery a month ago.

We rode the Pinellas Trail to Tarpon Springs, stopping at Spring Bayou. There were no manatees around this morning.  I am riding my red bike, planning to leave it here and save the time and expense of disassembling, packing, sending and reassembling my bike every time I come here (and repeating the process to come home).  I had it tweaked at the bike shop and now it fits as well as my other bike! I put the aerobars on it this morning.

We stopped at a building being renovated by Dianne's son Damon's friend Andy. It's going to be a great place! It used to be a church, and is now being repurposed into apartments. It overlooks Spring Bayou.

We biked to the business district of Tarpon Springs so Dianne could buy a new sponge--if you need sponges this is the place to go! There were decorated bikes all around town again. I still don't know why! We saw the same thing last year in February when I was here.

We had lunch at a little diner, and then headed home. We're both pleased that we rode 22 miles for our first time out. My hand is OK--less painful than yesterday. That tells me that while I may not be ready to use hand tools (like I did yesterday), I am ready to ride!

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