Wednesday, February 15, 2017

February 15, 2017. Palm Harbor, FL

We went for a walk this morning. Dianne and Julie were both enamored with my fitness tracker. But they found out that the route that they thought was 4 miles is really only 3.1 miles. I think a fitness tracker might be in both their futures.

We saw a small blue heron on our travels.

It's a real treat seeing flowers in bloom in February. Dianne told us that this display was created by a man from Brooklyn who also loves seeing things in bloom in February. He started out planting the front of his condo and then planted the rest of the condos in his unit. The units on each side of this one are quite boring compared to this.

Dianne took Julie to the airport and I put my bike together. Well, almost together--there was a piece missing.  I called the bike shop, they found it and we agreed it was mine, so they are mailing it to me today. It's not a critical part--just the little piece that connects the seat bag to the seat. I can put my stuff in my pockets until it gets here. I was impressed with the way they packed my bike, regardless of the missing part.

I got it all together, but I'm worried about my hand. I told Dianne that I wished I had brought my aerobars. She said "wait a minute, I might have some". And she did! If you look closely you can see them on the shelf above my bike. I'll put them on tomorrow and go for a shakedown cruise.

If you've been following my blog you may notice that this is a different bike--this is the Trek bike that I rode cross country in 2008. My newer bike is still at home. It is my intention to leave this one here, making it considerably less expensive to come here! It costs at least as much to send my bike here as it does to send me!

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