Wednesday, February 22, 2017

February 22, 2017. Palm Harbor, FL

Since this is Wednesday Dianne plays tennis and I swim. But it was pouring rain this morning so we did neither. We spent some time figuring out the route for our bike ride tomorrow with Fred and Tom. Finally the rain let up about 9 AM, so we walked to the gym.

It's a two-mile walk, and there was mist in the air, but no rain. We worked out at the gym and then Dianne walked back the 2 miles and I ran 3 miles. I am so trying to get back into the habit of running! I thought I would run more frequently while here, but we've been so busy that this is only the third attempt. I guess I should call it jogging because my miles were each longer than 11 minutes.

After we got home it started pouring again, and rained the rest of the day. We congratulated ourselves on making a good choice to walk and run during the lull. 

We played Scrabble until dinnertime. I tried to get Dianne to look like she was enjoying herself for this photo, but she said it was no fun. (I had just gotten a bingo). I'm lucky that way!

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