Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February 21, 2017. Palm Harbor, FL

We started out this morning trying to order an enlarged print of a photo taken in 2010. It's still not ordered. The resolution at which it was sent to me does not support enlarging. Unfortunately I did not take the photo. Back to the drawing board.

I figured out that I should put very small zip ties on the inside of the mount for my bike computer to attach it to the bike. It worked! Except the bike computer did not work--the sensor would not communicate with the computer. Back to the drawing board.

We got on our bikes and rode the streets over to the Pinellas Trail. We went north to Tarpon Springs, and then to Fred Howard Park.

I will never forget the day I almost drowned at Cancun. I got caught in a riptide, was not a very strong swimmer then (1996), and did not know what to do. I'm so glad they posted instructions here at the beach! I was fortunate in that a very tall man (whom I did not know) walked out and took my hand until I was able to touch bottom.

I think Dianne is a latent birder--all week she's been pointing out different avian species. Today she told me the black birds among the sandpipers and seagulls are oyster eaters, and are not common here.

We arrived home around noon, showered and had lunch, tried again with the photo and gave up on that. I put a new battery in the sensor on the bike; it still would not communicate and I gave up on that. Dianne suggested we go to Chain Wheel Drive, her favorite bike shop. She said that Bruce can fix anything! It was unfixable.

I decided not to buy a new bike computer, but to try to get used to using my fitness tracker and phone app to keep track of speed and mileage. We went home and played Scrabble. And had a glass of wine. And made plans for riding with Fred and Tom, having lunch with my cousin Eileen, and having dinner with friends Barbara and Stan. There is surely not much downtime!

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