Saturday, February 25, 2017

February 25, 2017. Palm Harbor, FL

We finally ordered Dianne's wall art this morning! It was quite an ordeal getting the photo--I had it at home, and Bill emailed it to me last week, but the resolution was not good enough to enlarge and print. So I called on Bill again, to look in my 2010 Wild Coast scrapbook to find the email address of the man who took the photo. I emailed him and it took a couple of days for him to find and send the photo. Here it is: this is going to hang above Dianne's sofa! Thank you Patrick Mahoney! And thank you Bill for being so patient!

After we ordered the wall art (30" x 40" canvas) we got on the bikes. We had plans to meet my cousin Eileen at noon so had plenty of time to meander. We first rode north to Tarpon Springs so Dianne (who lives here) could buy postcards. The first place we went to was not open, second place she did not like the choice of postcards. The third place she went in did not have postcards. She finally came out of the fourth place with cards in her back pocket and we got back on the bikes.

We rode the Pinellas Trail south back past Palm Harbor to Dunedin, where we met Eileen and her husband David at Serendipity CafĂ©. It was all organic, gluten free, healthy food! Dianne said "I'll have a diet coke" and the waitress said "no you won't!" The food was interesting and delicious and we had a great time catching up.

We headed north on the bike path again, passing this new rest area. It is certainly needed here!

We decided to go for ice cream, missed our turn and had to go back.

Finally we were at Strachan's, where they have the best home made ice cream ever. We had our treats, sat in the shade visiting with other customers, and then headed home.

All of a sudden I was exhausted! How is it that eating a healthy lunch energized me and eating ice cream made me feel like a slug? Total mileage for the day: 31.5.

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