Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February 28, 2017. Palm Harbor, FL

This morning we put the bikes in the car and drove to Safety Harbor. We parked at the marina and got on the bikes to ride to Tampa. First we were on the Ream Wilson Trail.

We rode through several parks on the trail. (We didn't see any flying discs). The trail ended at the Long Center in Clearwater, where there is an indoor 50 meter pool, in case I ever decide to swim indoors while here.

We had a good laugh when we saw the sign for a 10% grade! Not a chance! It's awfully flat here... there was a small grade for about 20 feet, nowhere near 10%!.

We turned around at the Long Center and retraced our path on the Ream Wilson Trail, then continued to the other end of the trail, and right on to Courtney Causeway Trail.

The Courtney Causeway goes across Tampa Bay and the trail runs right along side the road while on land, but separates from the road with its own bridge over the bay.

We rode to the outskirts of Tampa, where we stopped for lunch at Whiskey Joe's.

After lunch we rode back to Safety Harbor (total mileage: 31). I stopped along the causeway to walk in the water--I wanted to see how warm it was. It was very warm indeed.

When we got home we played Scrabble until dinner. I had a good Scrabble day--SEQUOIA and INJURES in the same game! It was a very good day overall. I am going to miss the joy of riding in the warm sunshine when I return home on Thursday.

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