Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March 1, 2017. Palm Harbor, FL

This morning Dianne played tennis and I swam 2000 yards in her pool, the last time I'll be swimming outside for quite a while. We had planned to go to a baseball game today, but had to stop at the post office first. Then we went to lunch. We wore PALM shirts because the Detroit Tigers were playing the Toronto Blue Jays and these were the only shirts we had to identify us as Tigers fans.

Dianne bought my lunch (grouper sandwich at the Sandbar) to pay down her Scrabble debt. We play for a penny a point, the only time I ever gamble! It took a very long time to get our food, so by the time we were done eating the game had already started. We went to the old Blue Jays Stadium first, got directions to the right place, found no place to park and gave up on it.

We went home and walked over to see our friend Jean. She lives about a mile away in the same community as Dianne for six months out of the year; the rest of the time she lives in Ontario. We had a nice long visit. Usually we have her over here for dinner when I am in town, but we just ran out of time.

We walked back home and then I cleaned my bike and we put it away until next time I come. It has a home in Dianne's guest room closet, thus saving me a couple hundred dollars a year. It usually costs as much to send my bike as it does for me to fly here!

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