Wednesday, June 7, 2017

May 28, 2017. Horsey Hundred day 2.

We'd all planned to ride the 52 mile route today. After breakfast we started out and found it very windy. Diana had problems with her (new) bike, and we stopped a couple of times to deal with that.

Again we were on hilly terrain with an abundance of horse farms.

We took the turn for the 52 mile route, and at the rest stop Diana spent some time with the bike mechanic trying to adjust the shifting on her bike. We sure need all our gears when riding in these hills! By the time she was done the wind had come up , so we decided to turn around and pick up the 35 mile route.

I stopped to finally take a photo of the limestone fences that we've seen all along the route these 2 days.  There was a sign yesterday stating that they were built in the style that the 18th century Scots used when they settled this area. There is no mortar used.

Finally we were back at Georgetown! Our total for the day was 52 miles, and we all felt that was enough. We cleaned up, loaded the bikes and gear in the car and truck, and then went to lunch. It was not as great as yesterday's lunch, but was free after all... 

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