Wednesday, June 7, 2017

May 27, 2017. Horsey Hundred day 1.

We met for breakfast at 7 and headed out for the ride afterwards. Diana, Dennis and Tom planned to ride the Metric Century (62 miles) and it was my intention to ride the 35 mile route. I'd thought for a while that I would not be able to ride at all, since I am recovering from Shingles; but I got on my bike Tuesday (first time in a month) and it did not hurt to ride so I came on this trip.

We came upon a field of horses early in the ride. Dennis commented that last year's ride did not have many opportunities to see horses, name notwithstanding.

At the first rest stop I felt great, so I allowed myself to be talked into following the longer route. There were many horse farms on our route, and we stopped to photograph a few of them.

The barns we saw were pretty spectacular! Yes, that is a barn in the photo below!

There was a steep hill down to the second rest stop. Because there was a festival going on in the park, we thought the ambulance was there for a drill. Unfortunately we were wrong--a cyclist had hit the speed bump at the bottom of the hill, flew off the bike, and landed on her face.

I found the "share the road" sign with a tractor and bike humorous enough to stop for a photo. Dennis was the only one who stopped with me. A little farther down the road we did indeed share the road with a large tractor.

We passed some tobacco fields, cornfields, and other crops, but this land is predominantly horse farms.

After about 40 miles I was running out of energy, and suggested the rest of my group ride ahead. Diana and Dennis rode on out of sight, but Tom stayed with me to the bitter end. The last rest stop featured root beer floats--what a great idea! 

I was so glad to see the Georgetown water tower! It meant we were close to the end of our very hilly ride.

There was a free lunch after the ride. We did not look for Dennis and Diana, but went straight to lunch. I texted them that we were in the cafeteria, and Dennis showed up moments later. After we all showered and rested a little we got in Tom's truck to go to the block party at the small town of Midway. Diana knew we wanted to sit on the front porch at Darlin' Jean's, and we were early enough to do so. That was fortunate, since it rained shortly after we arrived.

Diana and I went for a short walk in the town, being sure to arrive back in time for the free raffle drawings.

Mine was the second name drawn! The first person chose the free entry for next year's Horsey Hundred. I chose this cool Horsey Hundred 40th anniversary bag. Diana and Dennis both won local gift certificates, which they donated to their favorite volunteers.

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