Saturday, July 1, 2017

June 25, 2017. Saugatuck to Otsego, MI.41 Miles.

It took us a while to get organized this morning. Finally all the tents were stowed and we went in to breakfast. Breakfast today was Chris Cakes, the original Flying Pancakes!

The kids were a little dubious but they caught on quickly--you hold your plate and catch the pancakes as they fly through the air!

After breakfast we went out and got the bikes ready. It was after 9 AM when we got on the road--fortunately it's a short day. Here we are, ready to go: me, Adam, Alison, Toby, Dianne, Zane, Tom, Martha, Delia and Dennis. Bill took our photo, so I forced him to stand still for his photo.

Bill is going to drive the first half of the day, and then leave the truck and trailer parked where Tom can find it. Bill will then get on his bike and ride the second half of the ride. Tom will drive the truck to the end of the ride. This method works well, as long as Tom does not ride right past the truck and trailer (it almost happened last year).

We had a lot of hills today, and I was suffering, not being used to the heavier bike and also not used to pulling a trail-a-bike! Delia was very helpful and pedaled up the hills with me. Zane, in the recumbent trail-a bike, did not pedal, so I knew Alison had to work harder than me!

At the end of the day the kids got to go to the Children's Activity room. Each day on the PALM there is an hour and a half for kids to do crafts and play with a parachute. Today they made backpacks.

Everyone was ready to go to sleep well before the enforced quiet time of 10 PM.

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