Saturday, July 1, 2017

June 26, 2017. Otsego to Nashville, MI. 50 Miles.

This second day of PALM was supposed to be 46.5 miles, but we missed a turn shortly after we left camp. On our morning's route we saw this silo with vines growing out of it. I sure would have liked to see the inside!

Each day's notes section has a list of restaurants and points of interest along the way. Today's list recommended we eat in Delton (mile 18.7), so we did. The first restaurant we went to was full to bursting with PALM cyclists, so we went on down the road as directed by a local man. We found Sajo's Pizza, which suited us fine (I had a BLT, not being a pizza fan).

Alison and the kids took a few minutes to look at the map and points of interest while we were waiting for our food.

It was a long haul to the next point of interest, Mooville Creamery and Petting Zoo (at 42.2 miles on the route, more like 46 for us). Toby had gone on ahead by then. Delia was very interested in getting to camp in time to go to the Children's Activity, so she and I rode ahead of Dianne, Adam, Alison and Zane, and I asked Bill to pick Delia up at Mooville at 3:45.

We got there in plenty of time to tour the petting zoo. We were in line for ice cream when the rest of our crew arrived.

The kids' ice cream cones had faces on them! In addition to the petting zoo, there was a playground and a huge sand pit. Zane did not want to leave!

I rode the bike sans trail-a-bike the last 4 miles to camp at Maple Valley High School. When I went to retrieve Delia from the Children's Activities they were playing a new game with the parachute, making a dome and sitting under it.

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