Saturday, July 1, 2017

June 30, 2017. Milan to Gibraltar, MI. 33 Miles.

They told us at the meeting last night that the end of ride parade would start at 11 AM. So we really worked hard to be able to leave by around 8. They requested that everyone wear their PALM shirts today--most of us did.

The pre-ride photo only included blue shirts, so I took another one at the first rest stop when Delia and I caught up with Dennis, Martha and Tom.

Delia was very determined to get to Gibraltar in time for the parade! She did not want to stop at all, but we stopped at a water stop and the final licorice stop. We arrived in Gibraltar in plenty of time, meeting her dad at the end of the ride.

It's a pretty impressive sight, seeing hundreds of cyclists in matching shirts lining up in the street!

Hand-cyclist Joe was first in line behind the fire truck, followed by recumbents, then bikes with trailers, tandems and trail-a-bikes, and finally single bikes.

Adam, Dianne, Alison and Zane got there just in time to be in the parade!

The parade ended at Carlson High School where Bill was waiting. After we loaded all the bikes in the trailer we walked over to the school for our bagged lunches. There was room in the cafeteria, but we chose to eat outside in the shade.

When we got home, Dianne offered her too-big bike to Toby, who is bigger than any of us. She got a very good deal on the bike and offered him an even better deal! The bike fits him, he likes it, and his mother agreed. This is the first new bike he's had since the 24"  bike we got him when he was 9 years old (that Adam is now riding). He has ridden the last couple of PALM rides on the mountain bike I bought his mother in 1995!

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