Saturday, July 1, 2017

June 29, 2017. Grass Lake to Milan, MI.38 Miles.

Today is the day we've been looking forward to all week! The elevation profile shows mostly downhill, after a lot of climbing in the previous days. Weather reports varied from 100% chance of rain to 20%. We all got on our bikes and headed out under cloud cover but no precipitation.

The fruit stop was at Bridgewater Town Hall, a very nice location. There was an old cemetery on site. Just before we left, a woman with a brief case in hand approached the volunteers who were slicing melons and told them that they were not allowed to be there! Apparently PALM staff requested permission to set up at this location, but did not fill out the proper paperwork. I did not stick around to see if she made them pack up and leave.


We ate lunch at the truck again, saving the time it would have taken to wait for food in a restaurant. I think we will continue this tradition in future rides--it's very pleasant!

There was a water stop at Macon Grocery, where we leaned back on the grass and looked up into this huge old maple tree.

Below is a better view of the rig Delia and I are riding.

The licorice stop was at a centennial farm, and it was there that I met Tillie--here are Tillie and Tilley!

We arrived at Milan High School in time for the kids to swim before going to Children's Activities. There was a birthday party and face painting today!

After dinner I read Treasure Island to Zane (again). We already read all the chapters while on this trip, but he never tires of it, so we started in on chapter 1 again tonight. Reading is the best way to settle down after a day of riding.

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