Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Back on the bike

The Husband printed out my itinerary and posted it on the wall in our study. This was supposed to cheer me up when I could not ride last week... Take a look at the first week's elevation chart--I'm sure you can see how much that would cheer me up! I am back on the bike (in the basement) pain free! Life is good!

We had 10 inches of snow last night; I went out and cleaned the driveway (with the tractor, not the shovel) just in time for the mail carrier to bring me my CrossRoads Cycling jersey and duffle bags. I have to fit everything I need for 50 days on the road into these two bags, and the total weight of all may not exceed 30 pounds! I REALLY have to learn how to travel light! Fortunately I have lightweight quick dry clothes for kayaking, and these will do fine for going to dinner. One bag for bike clothes and one for everything else? I'll have plenty of time to practice packing and weighing the bags to get it just right. I am making notes on my cycling clothes--so far I have 3 pairs of cycling shorts that are OK and 3 that are NO-GO, and one jersey that is a NO-GO. No sense using precious bag-space on something I could not wear on a century ride.

Now if only spring would arrive so I can find some hills for training! I made the appointment to get my bike overhauled next week... I am hoping that when I get it back I can do the rest of my training outside.

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The Husband said...

I assembled the trip map so I could follow the adventure day by day. I plan to show it my cubicle. I am proud that you are doing this. The people at work do not have spouses as bold as I am married to.