Monday, April 7, 2008

The snow is gone now

This photo is of my daughter Alison and me getting ready to ride on Easter Sunday. We still had quite a bit of snow then, but FINALLY it is gone! I think spring is truly here--the temperature is above 40 degrees and I can ride without booties now...
Sunday April 6 I rode hard and fast with my neighbors who are much stronger than me--it was a good workout... I tend to not push myself hard enough riding solo. We had quite a windy day; my shoulders are still sore. But the very good news is that my knee is OK.
I had decided a couple of weeks ago that if my knee could stand the training in my program from CrossRoads for that particular week (first week with 2 long rides in a row) that there would be no turning back. Once that week's training was done, I booked a flight to LA, a room for when I get there, and planned a weekend in Kentucky to ride some hills. Why KY? close enough to drive, hilly, and no snow!
I googled Kentucky Bike Rides and found a super website with rides, cue sheets, maps, and elevation charts! is the site--I looked no further, but booked a room in Louisville for the weekend of April 18-21. After I booked the room I emailed the contact in the kybikerides site and thanked them for their wonderful maps and cue sheets, and some very nice people from the Louisville bike club emailed me back to let me know there are several group rides planned for that weekend, including a century ride on Saturday. I have mixed feelings about the century--my training program calls for a century ride the following week, and I was planning on doing it here in the flatlands by myself... I do need the training on hills, and would rather ride with a group on such a long ride, but not sure if I am ready for a century that includes 5,000 feet of climbing! On the MOOSA ride a couple of years ago Alison and I climbed 5,500 feet before lunch one day... I guess if I could do it then I can do it now. I have ridden over 1,000 miles so far this year. It's going to be a very good year...

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