Saturday, July 19, 2008

2 weeks post ride

There is good news and no news. No news on the biopsies, but then maybe no news is good news, right?

Other good news is that Erika and I have finished making a "hard copy" (scrapbook) of my cross country bike trip. I plan to take it to my niece's graduation party today to show the relatives who don't like scrolling through computer files to see photos. The making of the book took an awful amount of time, but it is so worth it.

We have Toby here for the weekend and I had baby Adam all day last Monday. Here he is playing chase games on the floor. We had great fun on our day together, even taking a ride to visit my cousin and aunt, who of course, were charmed with him.

Next weekend Bill and I are leaving for a kayak trip (7 days on 3 rivers, ending in the Mississippi) and the week after that Toby and I are going with my cousin on a weekend biking/camping trip in northern Indiana. It's called Amishland and Lakes, and the first day is in a predominantly Amish area. When Bill and I did this same ride several years ago it was delightful--the Saturday ride especially. The Amish people were out in force doing their Saturday errands, and little kids were set up out by the road selling cookies, pie and lemonade. Whole families were out in force in their buggies, like we saw in Ohio.

I've been on my bike 3 times this week and Toby and I are riding tomorrow with my cousin Kat (who is going to Indiana with us) and Ali and baby Adam in a trailer. I'll be taking my mountain bike this time... I finally changed the cut tire on my road bike last night while being eaten by mosquitoes. I figured I was on borrowed time and had meant to change it ever since I got back from Boston. And I aired up the tires on my mountain bike and cleaned and lubed the chain. It had a serious kink in it, but I think I got it out. Maybe I'll take a little test ride to make sure before we go to the park tomorrow.

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Bob said...


Jofran took a spinning class w/ Erika and told me about your trip. I'm truly envious. I'm gonna be in my sixties before I get a chance. Hope to see you on a ride some time. Wa-hoo Linda!

Bob P.