Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Serious Bonk

I went out to the Metro Parks yesterday to ride with some Downriver Cycling Club riders; there were 4 of us. We made pretty good time out to Belleville, stopped to eat, but I did not eat much since I had already had breakfast with my sister. After the food stop we took a different route, planning to go through another park on our circuitous ride back to where our cars were.

At about 30 miles total into the ride, I seriously bonked. I stopped and ate a gel, drank some water, sat in the shade... and did not recover very well. Fortunately I was only a couple of miles from the car at that point and decided I was done. Jack rode back with me to my car, which was very considerate. I talked to a few people and seemed recovered... loaded the bike and got in the car. On my way out of the park, I started having difficulty breathing so I called the doctor to see if I could get in. I went straight there and when I arrived my lips and lower face were numb, I was still having trouble breathing, and my heart rate was over 220 bpm. My regular doctor was not available and the other doc in the practice checked my heart rate and called EMS! By the time the EMTs were there (5 minutes or so) I was beginning to recover and signed a paper agreeing that I refused to go to the hospital in their ambulance.

The doc then checked some other things, drew some blood and had a chest xray done (it was normal). She referred me to a cardiologist, telling me some of the reasons I could have tachycardia (very high heart rate). This is very strange, since last time they checked it at the doctor's office it was 49 bpm resting heart rate (quite low). I admitted that I had had a few episodes of very rapid heartbeat in the recent past, but had never seen a doctor about it since I had always recovered pretty quickly (until yesterday that is).

Today I saw the cardiologist and tomorrow I get a treadmill stress test. Perhaps we'll be able to bring it on again, perhaps not.... at least the cardiologist did not tell me to skip the kayak trip, like the family doc did! He said it is likely supraventricular tachycardia, which is not real serious and can be "fixed" in a common procedure. You can read about it at this site if you are interested: This is the simplest definition I found. I thanked the cardiologist for not asking me to not do anything.

Still no results on the stomach biopsies. It seems like I'm falling apart!

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl . . . that must have been really scary! I'm glad you took all the right steps and didn't wait. Hopefully the diagnosis is right and you'll be back on track soon.
I have been watching the site and viewed all the photos - which makes me even more impressed with your accomplishments!
Amy and I scrapbook on a regular basis and the fact that you and your daughter already have your book done is amazing. Can't wait to see it at the reunion.
You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers as you move through these latest developments.
Take care - Chris