Saturday, November 1, 2008

What a great day!

Here is a photo of my "ugly chair". This is my recovery place--the chair tilts up and down so I can elevate my knee as needed. It also vibrates but I don't use that feature very often. You can see my TV table set up for books, tissues, tea, etc. The chair earned its name when I first got it--it was tan colored embossed vinyl... really ugly, but really really comfortable. Once I decided I wanted to keep it forever I had it reupholstered.
It was 58 degrees and sunny this afternoon when I went out on my bike. What a great day for November 1! I rode 20 miles at a moderate pace, more like my normal pace than the first 2 post-op rides... I went to core strengthening class this morning as well, then worked on cleaning the garage... too much stuff!

Life is good! I started reading a triathlon training book while icing my knee after the bike ride. I am beginning to think that I will get back my stamina one of these days.

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