Saturday, December 6, 2008

6,000 or bust!

I am determined to finish out the year 2008 with 6,000 biking miles! By October I had 5,700 miles but have not ridden much since the knee surgery--no excuse really, just have not done it... so I decided yesterday that I am going to reach that milestone. I rode 10 miles on the trainer last night (after swimming over 3000 yards in the morning). Today I rode another 15 miles. I am going to do this! I have 185 miles to go.

And I am getting my play dates in order for 2009--don't want to let any grass grow under my feet! I sent my check for the Curacao swim adventure in January. I still have to book my flight, which unfortunately includes a 7 hour layover in Miami on the way down and 10 hours on the way back... Here is a link to the program I am doing: Of course I am taking my bike--there is a bike instructor included in the program. I have never had bike instruction and if it helps me as much as the swim coach has, I will wish I had had instruction last year before my big ride!

I am going to Florida for some warm weather cycling with my biking buddy Dianne in March, and then we are meeting up for some rail trail riding in May--hubby Bill is going to be our sag person. We know that is going to be a good time... it is our goal to ride our bikes in every state. I need to get a US map and mark it up with all of my routes so far... I will post a photo of it here when I get it marked up.

Dianne and I are going to ride from Eugene OR to San Francisco in September on an Adventure Cycling tour called "The Wild Coast". I have never done one of their tours but Dianne said they are super! This is the tour we are doing:

My roommate for most of the coast to coast trip lives in SanFrancisco, so I will have to contact her and take a side trip to see her--Barbara, are you reading this!!!???

The next 2 Tuesdays are my "moments of truth" health wise. I find out this Tuesday if I have the breast cancer gene that runs in my family (I have a 50/50 chance of having it). Then the next week I go to a cardiologist to see if we can make the tachycardia go away. Life is good--there are a few bumps now and then, but it is good. Pedal on.

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