Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good News!

I found out that I do NOT have the BRCA1 breast cancer genetic mutation. Yay! Now I can go on with my life and continue to live as if I have 50 years left!

I have just 155 miles to go to make the 6,000 mile bike goal I set for myself for 2008. I will make it! I may go ride at the gym today, or even ride outside. It is going to be in the mid 30s today, a real heat wave!

My daughter and I are going to have a consultation with a Chi Running coach after Christmas. I have not tried running since the knee surgery. Chi Running is supposed to be a less injury-prone method of running. I'll post my results and feelings about the whole process after our consultation.

I bought my airline tickets for the Curacao trip and the Florida trip on line the other night, and next day went to REI. The whole spree triggered a red flag--the credit union at which I have my credit card called to verify that it was in my possession and that I really made all those charges! I will not want to see the next bill, that's for sure!

And I have not yet started Christmas shopping! Maybe I'll do some of that today in between laundry and biking and getting my cell phone fixed... how did I ever have time to work?????


Bill said...

Keep on enjoying your great retirement!
Love it (and am a bit jealous!

Marie Swan said...

Linda, I am so glad for you that you do not have the BRCA1 mutation. I was just talking to my daughter this evening about it. A friend of hers from college got results back recently and she does have the mutation. At 26 years old; what a thing to hear. Are you still swimming with Suzanne? I wish I could! I loved her workouts. Take care, Marie