Friday, December 19, 2008

Going to Wyoming!

This is the weather I am planning to escape: 6 inches of new snow since 5:00 this morning, just about that much more expected... And I've had a headache for days. Daughter says it's from the weather change; Chiropractor says its from doing the butterfly... maybe both?
So in the midst of my pain wracked insomnia I went on line at 4 AM and signed up for the Wheelin' the Winds Adventure Cycling tour. Sometimes the computer can be a dangerous thing! I will be biking the great divide and the Tetons in August... on mountain bike. Here is a link to the tour:
My friend Dianne found the tour when we were booted out of the one we planned for the West Coast. Gotta act fast on these small tours!
I expect to be snowed in the rest of the day; in fact I washed the car yesterday and put it in the garage... no plans to drive it for the next couple of days. We have a jeep and a truck, although the car, with its front wheel drive, is better in the snow than the truck. Maybe I'll write some Christmas cards. Or bake cookies, or put up the Christmas trees (after the headache goes away). I finally broke down and took a pain pill (from the ones I did not need when I had my knee surgery).
I made an appointment to go to the Cardiac Electrophysical Lab at UM Dec. 29. I will be glad to get off the beta blockers after they fix my cardiac short circuit... I do not like things that make me fat and slow, like the beta blockers that I have been taking for 4 months. If I am going to gain weight I would rather do it honestly (by eating!).

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