Tuesday, December 16, 2008

OH NO! We blew it!

Dianne and I had planned to ride the Adventure Cycling Wild Coast ride in the fall: Eugene, OR to SanFrancisco; planning to sign up in January. She was so excited she went on line and looked at the trip again yesterday and it said "almost full" so she signed up and called me--emergency! emergency! But I was just coming out of swimming and would not be home for hours, so I gave her my information on the phone while she signed me up on line for the trip. We both got preliminary acceptance emails right away, but then today we both received emails stating that the trip was already full and we would be placed on a waiting list! Oh NO! Now what????

I rode my mountain bike last week for the first time since the trail ride in September. I rode 20 miles but it just did not feel right... it felt clunky. So I took it in to the bike shop for a tune up. The mechanic wiggled the rear wheel and it clunked all over the place... he said the rear hub was in pretty sad shape. Now why didn't I think to check that? It will be ready for pickup Friday, in plenty of time for the First Dozen ride. I would not want to ride my road bike in snow and ice... mountain bike is much more stable.

I rode the road bike on the trainer tonight. Snow is coming down pretty hard out there... I have 105 miles to go to make my goal of 6,000 for the year. I will definitely make it. It may be all on the trainer but at this point it doesn't matter--I have my eye on the prize!

I went to the cardiologist this afternoon, and the scheduler is going to call me to set up my cardiology lab appointment. They are going to do an Electrophysiology Study and Catheter Ablation. The study is to find out where the abnormal pathway is that is making my heartrate speed up and forget to slow down. Then when they find it they will zap it (ablation). This is a low risk procedure done on an outpatient basis. I may delay it until after the Curacao trip... I may have a little soreness afterward from the small incision through which the catheter is inserted, and I may not. But I don't want to take any chances. Doc said most people who have this done on Friday go back to work Monday. So that presumably means that if I have it done on a Friday I can go back to play on Monday!

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