Friday, January 23, 2009

Thursday January 22

We started this day in the pool, went to breakfast, and then I was back in the pool to be filmed. I am going to be presented with a copy of it on CD at the end of camp... I have made much progress this week, in fact, Boris said that Miha and I made the most progress of anyone at camp. Of course, we are still in the slowest lane... it may take a couple of years to move up. I guess I knew it was that way when I saw Walt and Irene go into the middle lane (they are in the fast lane where we swim in Milford).

After the filming I took a shower and then Phyllis and I went to downtown Willemstad for shopping and lunch. We walked by the floating markets and saw fish fresh from the sea and wonderfully colorful Venezuelan produce... shopped in the open air market and got some "famous" Iguana Cafe shirts. We got back in time to pack up for the sailboat cruise. This is a tradition for the camp. After bussing to the harbor and taking dinghies to the boat, we motor sailed out to a lovely bay where braver souls jumped off the trapeze. We took photos of the Michigan contingent, and on the same cruise they were shooting cover shots for a local magazine--it was great fun watching them primp the model and set up all the poses...

We got to watch some synchronized diving by former gymnasts, synchro swimmers and college divers (all in our camp)! . After all the fun, we motored to a calm spot where we were served a wonderful dinner of many salads, and grilled chicken, beef tenderloin, pork chops and ribs! Of course there was unlimited rum punch and Amstell beer... We watched the sunset from the deck of the sailboat.

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