Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wednesday January 21

We started the day with 2000 meters in the pool. I got a photo of the MAC contingent--with and without Jeanine's shark imitation! I did the drills in the pool this morning with no trouble--I like it when we do alternate side breathing drills because I taught myself to breathe bilaterally years ago. This is one thing that I can do easily, unlike many other drills we do!

We had a bike ride at noon--fast and fashionable all at the same time... There were only 7 of us, and most of us wore the new jerseys that Will (manager at Lions Dive) gave us at breakfast. They are from the pro bike race here on Curacao. We really look like a team now! I was the slowest rider today, and felt badly about that. I had to use my granny gear to get up a long hill that I did in the middle chain ring earlier in the week... I guess I am getting weary. Anyway, we rode, stopped 3 times for drinks and to take a photo of a fish in a tree... and got back to the hotel in one hour with 17 miles on the bike computers. Perhaps I was not as slow as I thought.

The evening swim consisted of first Vlad and then Boris bobbing around out in the sea pretending they were buoys. We had to swim out to touch them and return. I did the first loop but was wheezing on my return so I did not swim the second loop. I did OK out in the big waves--breathing comfortably on either side is helpful in waves like this. Of course that's why we do the drills. We ended the day in Boris and Vlad's place, watching film from the Olympic swimmers. By the time we were done watching Michael's super human form it was too late for me to go to supper so I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my room. I get filmed this morning after practice. Ours sunset view was from Boris and Vlad's balcony.

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The Husband said...

had a good day yesterday. All called me except the young one. Am going to dinnere with F and A tonight. 143