Saturday, February 28, 2009

Best Little Bike Shop in Florida

This morning Dianne and I rode with her bike club, Suncoast Cycling Club... we showed up at the bike shop at 8 AM and there were at least 100 riders there! We were split up into several different rides, of course. You can't have 100+ riders in a group! The first ride to leave consisted of the racers. After that were the A ride (25 to 28 MPH), then the B+ ride (22 to 25 MPH), the B ride (20 to 22 MPH) then the "Behind" ride (18 to 20 MPH) and finally the C ride (16 to 18 MPH). I decided to do the "Behind" ride, and that's where I stayed--Behind! It was supposed to be 18 to 20 MPH, but I struggled to keep up at 19 to 20 MPH. I was so glad to see the rest stop, at about mile 21 (mile 23 for me after riding from Dianne's house to the bike shop).

I kept up a little better after the rest stop and a little refueling. But was at the back of the pack when I had a flat tire. I heard a hissing sound and knew someone was flatting but it took a minute before I realized it was me! Ray and I changed the tire in no time (valve failure) and were on our way. We were rather far behind by that time so took the short route to the bike shop, making the planned 40 mile ride into 35.

At the bike shop, Chain Wheel Drive, Bruce fixed my bike computer--my husband had glued the computer mount before my trip, but the glue did not hold. I did NOT want to buy a new one--the computer worked fine, it was just the mount that was broken... Bruce ingeniously made holes in the mount bottom and reattached it with zip ties! Thank you, thank you... can't ride without feedback!

While at the bike shop I bought new gloves (mine had bald spots and holes) and 2 new tubes. And I took some test drives. If you know me you know that both my bikes are Treks, and funny thing, the bike that suited me the best was a Trek. I rode it around the parking lot after they put my pedals on it. Then Dianne and I went for a longer ride on it... what a sweet ride! Doug was ever so accommodating in setting it up for me. But here's the dilemma--do I buy a bike in Florida and ship it home, just because it's the perfect bike for me? Or do I buy one closer to home so I can get it serviced where I bought it????!!!!

Sadly, Doug put my pedals back on my old bike and Dianne and I rode home--I was starved by that time, after riding about 46 miles... I made omelets with everything that was left in the fridge, we rested a bit and then went swimming. I swam a mile, and we visited with her sister Jan who also lives in this wonderful place. Then we came back and showered and went to dinner with my cousin Kat. Yet another super busy day, but why not get all I can out of the day in sunny Florida when I know I am going home to winter in 10 days?

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