Sunday, March 1, 2009


I met my match, Scrabble match that is!  

Today dawned cold and rainy, with the winds howling around the corners. No kidding!  We had planned on riding bikes this morning, but decided we didn't need to go out in this weather.... after hanging around reading the paper for hours, we finally went out and got groceries, which we have needed to do for days.  

Upon returning from the grocery store we put everything away, discussed inviting someone to dinner, passed on that and got out the Scrabble board.  We popped a bowl of popcorn and started out... this is real Scrabble.  We used a timer. No looking up words. If we disagreed with a word on the board we officially challenged it... and that happened plenty of times! Did you know that hootiest is a word and sparrer and scoriate are not?

We played 9 games. I won 5 and Dianne won 4, and I am sure that if we'd played one more game she would have won. We started a "friendly" bet (a penny a point) and she totalled up the difference between our scores. At the end of our play I owe her $1.99 and she owes me $2.16. Like I said I met my match!  We are going to practice a lot this week and go to a real tournament next Sunday. 

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