Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pinellas County

Here are some photos from Feb. 26. Thanks Kat!

Yesterday, Feb. 27, Dianne and I set out walking to her gym, which is about 2 miles away. We did a brisk walk, arrived at the gym, and found out that I could not come in as a guest but had to pay $10! Being a very frugal person, I decided that was too much for one hour at the gym. So Dianne stayed at the gym and I went for a run, almost 5 miles!  After my  run and her gym time we walked back to her house.  This was enough exposure to the Florida sun for me to get sunburned, even though I used sunscreen in the AM.

After lunch and a shower, we went to her Scrabble club, where I made a pretty good showing. Of 6 games I played, I won 4. Not so bad for not playing Scrabble lately... We went from Scrabble club directly to the pool, where I swam a mile. After that I was so done!  Dianne made supper and I ate and went straight to bed--not even 8:00 yet!  

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