Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flat Flat Florida

I did not think any place could be flatter than southeastern Michigan. Boy was I wrong! The only time I had to change gears was when we went over a bridge!

I flew into Tampa this morning and my friend Dianne picked me up at the airport. We drove to her house and I put my bike together. We were on the bikes before noon! We headed one town over and met my cousin Kat at a cool little outdoor restaurant. We went in and ordered our food at the kitchen window and when it was ready someone hollered out my name through the screen door and I went back in and picked it up! We had luscious grouper sandwiches and the 3 of us split an order of fries...

Then we got on the Pinellas Trail, a beautiful paved rail trail that runs for about 40 miles. We only rode to the next town, Dunedin, which is a little destination in itself. There were quaint little shops and restaurants and a fishing pier... I had forgotten my camera at Dianne's house but Kat had hers and took some photos (but has not yet sent them to me).  After Dunedin we headed out to a state park and rode the park perimeter road before seeing Kat back to her borrowed condo and riding back here. Only 27 miles today, but OK for a first day's ride.

Kat and I found out a couple of days ago that we were both going to be in the same area of Florida at the same time. And then Dianne tried to set up  a rental deal to get her a bike, but none were available at the local bike shop... turns out there was one in the basement of the borrowed condo! How cool is that!? I expect we will get together with her a few more times before she leaves next week. 

Dianne and I are going to ride our bikes, swim, play tennis, play Scrabble with a Scrabble club and go to the gym... and that's just in the first day and a half!  I'll post the photos from today as soon as I get them.

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