Monday, February 23, 2009

Movin' on Up

There is a strict protocol in swimming with our coach. Everyone new starts out in the rookie lane. You remain in the rookie lane until she moves you up... I started in the rookie lane a year and a half ago when I started swimming with this group. By last spring I had moved up to the middle lane (rookies in the first lane, other swim coaches in the 7th lane and everyone else in between as assigned).

When I came back after taking the summer off from swimming (riding my bike across the country), I had to move down a lane. :-( A month or so later I was back up where I had been last spring and (TA-DA) today I moved up a lane! Yay! Only now I have to work harder! When I first moved up to the middle lane last year I was pushing hard to make a 100-yard swim in 2 minutes. (I know, all you great swimmers are laughing up your sleeves). I have been swimming it at around 1:45 since going to swim camp, but each time trial I have done this year has been a little better... this was the best so far. We were doing 100s at progressively faster times, and my last one was 1:37! Of course I only did it because coach told us to do 3 more 100s but if the first one was faster than the previous one we only had to do one more. She got away with that schtick twice!

I told the coach that I would be gone for 2 weeks and she recommended I do today's workout in the pool in Florida.... she frowned when I told her that I didn't usually do time trials on vacation. We are going to ride our bikes 4 days a week, so that leaves lots of time to swim, run, go to the gym and play Scrabble. Life is truly wonderful!

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