Monday, March 2, 2009

Walk, Run, Bike... alas no swim.

This morning was a bit chilly for Florida standards, and very windy.  But we marched onward as planned. We walked the 2 miles to the gym where Dianne worked out while I went for a run--a very good run as it turned out. I went 5 miles and this time I did not have to slow down to recover mid-run like I did last time. My goal is to complete a 6 mile run successfully on this trip. Once that is completed, I will go home and sign up for the Race for Recovery Half Iron Triathlon in Monroe in June. If I can't run 6 miles in early March then I am not going to commit to the race. 
After my run and Dianne's workout we walked the 2 miles back home, took a break for lunch and then got ready for a bike ride. We rode the 5 miles in heavy traffic over to me
et my cousin Kat who is still here from Michigan. Then we got on that wonderful Pinellas Rail Trail for the rest of the ride, stopp
ing at the Wall Springs county park en route to Tarpon Springs to see the manatees and have big fat desserts and coffee at the greek bakery. We were not disappointed on either front--the manatees started coming in just as we got there, We saw 5 of them and had the pleasure of pointing them out to others who were there for the same reason. We pedaled on over to the sponge docks and had our treats, which we felt we deserved after pedaling into the brisk wind for 1o miles to get there!

Dianne and I left Kat on the trail and saved a few miles by coming home a different way (total bike mileage today: 26). Kat had 3 miles to go to get home and we all figured that would not be a problem.  This evening we're playing Scrabble, then biking to Clearwater beach in the morning. Charlie (from the Pittsburgh to DC trip) and Otis (from Grosse Ile) and Jack (from New York) will be joining Dianne and Kat and me tomorrow????

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