Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Perhaps I made the wrong choice?

This morning I washed out my leg wound again and dressed it but it did not look so good... I had baby Adam all day but called daughter Erika, who is the first aid ace of the family and asked her to come take a look. She thought it did not look so good either and pointed out to me that the little teeny yellow dots were the subcutaneous fat below all the skin layers that were peeled back when the big chain ring punctured my leg. Uh oh.

I went the the doc then, and she did not like the way it looked either. Of course it was too late to close it, and the edges of the skin were black. I thought the black was from chain grease but doc thought not. She gave me a tetanus shot and very strong antibiotics and told me to come back Monday to have it abraded. That does not sound like fun at all.

Perhaps I should have gone to Urgent Care yesterday and taken a later flight home? Alas, the road not taken...

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