Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 21. Whitehall to Grant, 37 miles

The boys did well on this day's ride, but they did not find each other! Alex and Ian were riding with their mom and cousin and grandma, and Toby was riding with his grandma (me) and his godmother Kat. It was a great day for riding... We stopped at a small lake and got our feet wet in the morning, stopped many times for other breaks, water, fruit, lunch, bathroom breaks, etc. One stop was at a farm where Toby and Erin (from WI) found a whole slew of kittens which they were able to hold and give names.

We arrived at Grant Middle School by 2 PM, averaging 10.9 MPH for the day. We set up our tent and showered. Ian found us in the dinner line when they arrived at 5 PM and we made plans to stay in better contact with one another the next day. At the evening meeting we found out that there were riders from infant age up to the 2 in their 90s! The largest group is the 50 - 60 age group, but there are large numbers of young people too. The teens all find each other and hang around together in the evenings. Some of them have done this ride every year of their lives! In one bathroom line we talked to a girl who has been doing the PALM since she was 2!

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